Blackened Chicken
Chicken breast smothered with spicy seasoning, them grilled. Served with french fries.

1/2 lb Cheeseburger $6.95
8 oz of ground beef, topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, and cheese served with french fries.

Crab cake Sandwiches $8.95
Our grilled crab cake served on a gourmet bun served with french fries.

Turkey Burger $5.95
8 oz turkey burger on a gourmet bun served with french fries.

Soups and Salads

Caesar Salad $3.95
Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in a creamy caesar dressing
Add Grilled chicken $6.95
Add Grilled shrimp $8.95

Mixed Greens $2.95
A mixture of romaine and iceberg lettuce, tomato, mushroom, onion, and cucumber.
Served with choice of dressing

Lentil Soup $2.95

Vegetable Soup $2.95


Goat Cheese $7.95
Chunks of goat cheese baked in a spicy marinara. Served with pita

Served with pita

Spinach Artichoke Dip $7.95
Served with homemade tortilla chips

Crab cake $9.95
Lump crab meat and bread crumbs, served grilled

Tabbouleh $4.95
served with pita

Calamari $6.95
Breaded and deep-fried calamari, served with cocktail sauce.

Popcorn Shrimp $6.95
Breaded tiger shrimp, served with cocktail sauce.

Caspian Nachos $6.95
Pita Bread topped with hummus. Diced cucumber, tomato, and feta cheese

Falafel $6.95
Five pieces of our falafel. Served with pita bread.

A $4.00 cork fee will be added to any byob customer


Shish or Chicken Kabob $13.95
Char-broiled and marinated beef tenderloin or chicken, served over basmati rice served with grilled green pepper, mushroom, onion, and tomato

Vegetarian Combo $11.95
A combination of Hummus, tabbouleh, sautéed mixed vegetables and basmati rice.

Ghormeh Sabzi $14.95
A Beef stew with kidney beans, dry lime, and herbs, served over rice.

Filet Kabob $15.95
Char-Broiled and marinated filet mignon over basmati rice served with grilled green pepper, mushroom, onion, and tomato

Lamb Shank $16.95
A leg of lamb, slow-cooked and marinated in spices, served over basmati rice

Salmon Kabob $17.95
Marinated and char-broiled salmon, served over rice and skewer of grilled vegetables.


Stuffed Chicken Breast $12.95
A marinated chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mozzarella cheese, served with choice of side dish

Chicken Linguini $12.95
Slice chicken breast, placed over a bed of linguini, served with your choice of alfredo or marinara.

Side Dishes

Mashed Potatoes
French Fries
Basmati Rice
Steamed Broccoli
Sautéed Mixed Vegetables


From the Sea

Grilled Salmon $16.95
12 oz Filet of Norwegian Salmon, Marinated in a ginger soy sauce served with our chamber tin sauce and choice of side dish

Crab cakes $18.95
Lump Crab meat and Bread crumbs grilled and served with choice of side dish

Fried Shrimp $14.95
6 Jumbo Shrimp, breaded and deep-fried. Served with Cocktail sauce and choice of side dish

Catfish $14.95
A filet of catfish, served either grilled, blackened, or fried. Choice of side dish.

Shrimp Linguini $14.95
Grilled Shrimp served over a bed of linguini pasta. Your choice of Alfredo of marinara.

Stuffed Hawaiian Swai $16.95
A thin, Flakey white fish, stuffed with spinach and mozzarella cheese. Served with choice of side dish.

Grilled Tilapia $14.95
A 10 oz filet of Tilapia, marinated and grilled to perfection. Served with our tomato basil sauce and choice of side dish.

Stuffed Shrimp with Crab meat $18.95
6 Shrimp stuffed with crab meat and seasoning. Served with choice of side dish.

Shrimp and Scallops $17.95
A combination of grilled shrimp and scallops, marinated and cooked over an open flame. Served with choice of side dish.

Friend Lake Perch $11.95
Fresh perch breaded and fried. Served with choice of side dish.

Seafood Pasta $18.95
Shrimp, scallops, calamari, and mussels over linguini. Served with choice of alfredo of marinara.

Caspian Combinations

Sultani Kabob $16.95
One Skewer of Beef Shish Kabob and one skewer of beef Koobideh over rice

Chicken Sultani $16.95
One skewer of chicken kabob and one skewer of chicken Koobideh over rice

Shish Kabob and Grilled Shrimp $22.95
Our beef shish kabob served with marinated grilled shrimp served with rice.

Filet Kabob and Scallops $25.95

Kabob Platter for two $39.95
One skewer of shish kabob, one skewer of chicken kabob, our famous stuffed swai, and grilled shrimp. Served with rice.

Seafood Combination $29.95
Grilled Shrimp, stuffed Swai, and crab cakes. Served with choice of side dish.

Shish Kabob and Chicken Kabob $18.95
One Skewer of both shish and chicken kabob. Served over rice.

Steamer Delight $11.95
Mussels, clams, calamari, and scallops steamed in white wine and garlic.

Hot Combo $12.95
Popcorn shrimp, calamari, and perch, all breaded and deep fried. Served with cocktail sauce.


Lunch Specials

Served from 11 am – 3 pm

Not valid with any coupons or other promotions

Hummus $3.95
Served with pita bread

Caesar Salad $3.95
Romaine lettuce topped with croutons and parmesan cheese

Grilled Salmon $11.95
Marinated and grilled, service with choice of side dish

1/3 lb Burger $3.95
A third pound burger, topped with choice of cheese, served with french fries.

Popcorn Shrimp $3.95
Breaded and friend tiger shampoo, served with cocktail sauce

Grilled White Fish $8.95

Shish Kabob $8.95
Marinated and Char-broiled beef tenderloin over rice

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $5.95
A grilled chicken breast on a gourmet bun, served with french fries.

Chicken Kabob $8.95
Marinated and char-broiled chicken, served over rice.

Blackened Catfish Sandwich $6.95
A Filet of catfish, grilled with spices and served on a bun.

Crab cake Sandwich $8.95
Our delicious crab cake served with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce on a grilled bun.


 Prices subject to change with out notice.